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How to track traffic and conversions from Influencer sources by using URL Builder?

You can now track the traffic and transaction of Influencer & Affiliate & PR/Blogs by using UTM Builder.

The following is an example of Influencer's utm tracking:

Essentially, a UTM generated using the UTM Builder tool should contain the following four parts:

Destination URL: the address of the store you want to promote, or the address of a specific page;

Influencer Name: the name of the Influencer;

Source: Where to promote, such as youtube

Campaign Name: the name of the promoted campaign

After filling in the above information, click the Generate button, and you will get a tracking URL that looks like this:

Once the link is generated, simply send the full tracking URL to Influencer and OmniTrack will track and count it!

Updated on: 19/10/2023

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