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How to track traffic and conversions from Emails sources by using URL Builder?

OmniTrack supports utm tracking and attribution statistics for multiple platforms, including major Email/SMS platforms. By identifying the source, medium, and campaign in the utm parameters, OmniTrack will perform attribution statistics on the access/transaction data from your Email source.

Ads delivered via email marketing channels should be identified in the utm_medium parameter, ie. utm_medium=email, and the mail provider should be identified in utm_source, for example:

●Klaviyo: utm_source=klaviyo

●Omnisend: utm_source=omnisend

●Privy: utm_source=privy

●Mailchimp: utm_source=mailchimp

Every email platform has its own internal way for merchants to set up their UTM tracking. Here are some examples for reference:


1)First, go to your "Account and billing", click on the avatar in the lower left corner of the page to see the setting entry;

2)Under the "Settings" tab, click "More" and then click "UTM Tracking";

3)Then you can update the UTM tracking settings of the account, the utm parameters and corresponding values ​​are shown in the figure below

4)At the same time, you also need to ensure that each of your Campaigns and Flows is set to include tracking parameters, so that tracking can be performed normally.

Campaign settings are shown as below:

Flow settings are shown as below:

For more detailed about UTM settings of Klaviyo, please click here to view.


In Omnisend, by plugging the Campaign name into the UTM settings in Campaign Builder. Click here for detailed setup instructions.


Privy will automatically add Display, Source and Medium UTM tags to links in your emails, if you want to modify the default tags, please refer to this article.

Updated on: 19/10/2023

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