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Order Journey: Tracking and Analyzing the Entire Customer Journey

Order Journey allows you to gain in-depth insights into the complete conversion path of your customers, starting from their initial website visit to the final purchase, and assess the contribution of each channel to the ultimate conversion, aiding you in adjusting your marketing strategies.

How to Properly Use Order Journey?
Before using Order Journey, we strongly recommend setting up your ad tracking parameters using the UTM tracking parameters provided in the URL Builder when creating new ads (how to set up?). Once configured, you can view data at the ad level when reviewing customer journeys, rather than just at the channel level.

Features of Order Journey:

Order Search: When you want to examine the conversion path of a specific order, you can search by "Order ID."
Time and Time Zone: By default, you will view orders from the past 3 days (excluding today), in the time zone set for your Shopify store. If you need to adjust this, you can do so by clicking on Web Settings.
Order List: The list displays basic order information such as order number, order creation time, customer name, order status, order amount, and more. Additionally, you can see the channel and campaign names corresponding to the First Click and Last Click for each order.
Conversion Path: Clicking on the "Order ID" in the order list allows you to view the complete user journey for that order. When you use the UTM tracking parameters from the URL Builder to set up ad tracking, you can see which channels customers use to access your website, including channel names, campaign names, ad set names, and ad names.

When you subscribe to the Convbox Plan and activate the Post Purchase Survey feature, you can also see the answers submitted by customers after making a purchase, providing insights into which channel had the most significant influence on their purchase decision.

Updated on: 15/04/2024

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