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How to test server events in Facebook Event Manager?

Before enabling the Facebook integration, we recommend testing that your server events are properly triggered and sent to Facebook in Facebook Event Manager.

Step 1: Get the Pixel's Test Code and enter test mode

Go to Facebook Event Management, then select the appropriate Pixel, switch to the "Test events" tab, and copy the Test Code as shown below.

Step 2: Input the Test Code copied above into our app and enter test mode

On the Facebook Overview page, click "Enter Test Mode" ,paste the Test Code in the input field, and click the "Enter Test Mode" button.

Step 3: Browse your website

Browse your site and you will see your server events displayed on Facebook's Test Events page, similar to the data shown below:
If you see the Purchase event display successfully and the data is correct, you are ready to enable Facebook integration!

Updated on: 20/06/2023

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