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How to create and get a GA4 Measurement ID?

If you have not created a GA4 property, follow these steps.
If you have already created a GA4 Property, skip the previous step to step 3.

Step 1: Create a new GA4 Property

Go to your GA4 account, click the "Admin" button in the left corner, and then click the "Create Property" button to create a new Property.

And then name this new Property. After that, click the "Next" and** "Create"** buttons to complete the Property creation.

Step 2: Set up the data stream

After creating the new GA4 Property, select "Web" as the platform to collect the data, as shown below.

Then enter the URL of your Shopify store and the name of the data stream. Finally, click the "Create Stream" button to create the data stream.

Step 3: Find the GA4 ID (Measurement ID)

After completing the previous steps, you will see the following page. The data marked on the diagram is the GA4 ID, or Measurement ID. Copy and paste it into our app.

If you have already created a GA4 Property, you can find the GA4 ID on the following page in the "Data Stream" menu under the Property.

Updated on: 20/06/2023

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