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How to update UTMs while maintaining all that social proof on your FB Ads

To update UTM parameters while preserving all social proof on a Facebook ad, you can follow these steps:

1.Duplicate the Ad: First, duplicate the ad you want to update. This will create a new ad that retains all the social proof from the original ad.

2.Edit the New Ad: Make the necessary updates to the UTM parameters in the duplicated ad. Ensure that you only change the UTM parameters and do not modify other parts of the ad, such as the headline, text, or creatives.

3.Monitor Performance: After launching the new ad, closely monitor its performance. Compare it to the original ad's performance to ensure that social proof is preserved, and the ad remains effective.

4.Gradually Shift Traffic: If the new ad starts attracting more traffic and conversions, gradually deactivate the original ad to allow all traffic to transition gradually to the new ad. This way, you can ensure that social proof and performance are maintained while transitioning to the new UTM parameter settings.

5.Avoid Changing Ad IDs or Creatives: Try to avoid changing the ad's unique identifiers (IDs) or creative content as this may negatively impact the ad's social proof.

6.Test and Optimize: Continue monitoring the performance of the new ad and conduct necessary testing and optimization to ensure that it remains effective under the new UTM parameter settings.

By following these steps, you can update UTM parameters while preserving the social proof on your ads, ensuring that your ads remain effective and can provide valuable data.

Updated on: 19/10/2023

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