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Facebook ad account sharing instructions

When the advertising data in your ad account is abnormal and you need our assistance in troubleshooting, in order to improve the efficiency of troubleshooting, it is recommended that you share the viewing permission of the ad account with us.

Facebook ad account sharing operation steps

Click here, first select the Business Manager where your ad account is located, and then enter the Business Settings interface

Enter the Users > People page, click the Add button shown in the figure below to add a new user

In the Invite People pop-up window, enter the OmniTrack technical support acocunt, and then click the** Next** button (please ask the customer service through the chatbox to obtain the account)

No need to make any modifications in Step2, just click the Next button

Select the corresponding ad account in the** Ad account option, and assign the "View Preformance"** permission, and then click the Invite button

When you see the following prompt, it means that the sharing operation of the advertising account has been completed. You only need to pass the prompt information in the picture below through the chatbox or send an email to, and we will arrange technical staff to help you troubleshoot the problem.

Updated on: 19/10/2023

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