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For Shopify Plus Merchant:What to Do When Post Purchase Survey Lacks Data After Enabling Checkout Extensibility?

If you are a Shopify Plus merchant and have enabled Checkout Extensibility, you will notice that the status of the original Order status page has become Not active, meaning all custom code added in Additional scripts will be invalidated.

If you have activated the Post Purchase Survey feature, enabling Checkout Extensibility will result in the inability to display surveys on the Thank you and Order Status pages, thus failing to collect customer feedback. So, what should you do?

1. Add Post Purchase Survey app blocks to the Thank you and Order Status pages

1、After enabling Checkout Extensibility, go to Shopify >> Settings >> Checkout and click the Customize button;

2、You can find Post Purchase Survey app blocks on the Thank you and Order status pages.

3、On both the Thank you and Order status pages, app blocks need to be configured and added separately, but the method of configuration and addition is the same.

For the Thank you page as an example:

(1) Select the Thank you page at the top of the page, then click the Add app block button in the lower left corner;

(2) In the Add app block list, find and click on the convbox-post-purchase-survey app block;

(3) When you see the Post Purchase Survey feature enabled on your page, it means the Thank you page can now display survey content. Finally, click the Save button in the upper right corner to finish the setup;

(4) After completing the setup, you can rearrange the order of different app blocks in Order details. We recommend placing the convbox-post-purchase-survey app block above the Order status to improve the response rate of the convbox-post-purchase-survey app block.

2. Preview
After adding the convbox-post-purchase-survey app block, you can preview and experience the survey you set up in the middle section of the Thank you or Order status settings page. You can confidently select "questions" and submit to experience the process of a real customer submitting a survey (the "questions" you submit during the preview will not be recorded for real).

Updated on: 08/04/2024

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