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How to Set Up Omnisend Tracking

Learn how to improve EDM effectiveness by supplementing user events in Omnisend (e.g., add to cart, initiate checkout, and complete purchase) with OmniTrack server-side tracking.

Step 1: Add Omnisend as a Destination

Navigate to the Pixel menu and select "Destination" in the options. Choose Omnisend and enter the addition page. Click the "Start" button to initiate the setup process.

Step 2: Select Events

In our best practices, it is recommended to select all three events by default. In most cases, there is no need for modification, so you can proceed to the next step directly.

Step 3: Configure Omnisend API Key

If you have already configured the Omnisend API Key in the Source section, you will see the previously saved key in this step. You can click the "Complete" button to finish the setup.

If you haven't configured the Omnisend API Key in Source previously, click "Configure API Key." Enter the key value in the input field and save it, then continue by clicking the "Complete" button.

To learn how to obtain the Omnisend API Key, please refer to this article.

Step 4: Review the Overview Page and Test Event Sending

After completing the above setup steps and clicking the "Complete" button, the channel defaults to a Live status, meaning event data starts to be sent to the destination channel. You can test if the OmniTrack server-side events are being sent to Omnisend by performing actions like submitting forms or adding items to the cart on your store.

For specific event details, you can visit the Audience module in Omnisend and locate the corresponding leads (searchable by email). In the following example, you can see that the server events, including adding to cart, initiating checkout, and completing a purchase, have all been successfully sent to Omnisend with "OmnitrackPlus" included in the names for easy differentiation.

Apart from ensuring event sending is successful, you might also want to understand how to compare the effectiveness differences between OmniTrack server-side event tracking and Omnisend's native user event tracking. For instructions on how to do this, please refer to this article.

Step 5: Update/Add Automations

Once you have confirmed the successful testing, you will need to update your existing automation workflows or create new ones to utilize OmniTrack's server-side events for sending your automated emails.

Please note that if your cart abandonment email templates were previously using generic settings, you may need to update your template parameters.

Instructions on how to configure this can be found in this article.

Updated on: 15/04/2024

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