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How to Use Custom Parameters in Omnisend Abandoned Cart Emails

Before you start using OmniTrack Plus events to configure your automation, you need to update the email template parameters. Once you begin using API events as a trigger, Omnisend's original built-in abandoned cart module will no longer function. Therefore, you need to use some custom parameters with product-specific information to display the desired details depending on what you need to show.

You can select the custom parameters you need and add them to your email template as shown in the images below:

You can choose the custom parameters you require, such as:
"cart_product_image" (product image URL),
"cart_product_title" (product title),
"cart_product_detail_url" (product detail URL),
"cart_product_price" (product price),
"cart_product_currency" (product currency),
"abandoned_checkout_url" (checkout abandonment URL),
"cart_value" (cart total value),
"cart_currency" (cart currency).

For example, in an abandoned cart email, you may need to use parameters like product images (URLs), product detail URLs, product titles, product prices, product currencies, cart values, and cart currencies. You can configure these parameters, known as Personalization tags in Omnisend, into your email template to ensure that the email content displays correctly.

There are three scenarios for parameter usage:

1. Button Redirect:
If you want a button to redirect to a product detail page, you can select the "product_detail_url" option in the "Link to" dropdown, as shown in the image.

2.Image Type:
For images, you can choose "Dynamic" and select the data source as "cart_product_image." If the image should also be clickable and lead to a product detail page, you can select the corresponding link option like "cart_product_detail_url."

3.Direct Content Display:
If you want to directly display content in the email, such as the product name, you can insert the custom parameter where needed in your email template.

After updating your email template and automation, be sure to test it to ensure that users can enter the workflow and that the email content displays correctly.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Updated on: 19/10/2023

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