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How to Set Custom Events as Optimization Goal for Facebook Ads?

Step1. Before setting a custom event, make sure there is already a custom event.

If you use OmniTrack to set custom events, you can enable Purchase event customization in Event Settings and name the custom events. For example, we named the purchase custom event purchase-1234 (the name is just an example, and the name can be based on your actual needs), as shown in the figure below.

Step2. Test whether the custom event is sent

Please go through the purchase process in your store to generate a test order (you need to complete the purchase and then apply for a refund). Please wait for about 2 hours after the order is generated, and check whether the event you customized has been received in the Event Manager of FB. If you do not receive the custom event you generated, please contact us in time.

Step3. In your Facebook ad, set the custom event as conversion event

Once you enable the Purchase event customization function, we will no longer send the Purchase event to Facebook, but send the custom event to Facebook, so you can no longer use the Purchase event as a conversion event in the advertisement, use that custom event as the conversion event instead.

As shown in the figure below, in the drop-down list of Conversion Event, find your custom purchase event ( please choose according to the custom purchase event name you actually named, the name shown in the figure below is only used as an example), select it as conversion event.

Note: If you cannot find the custom Purchase event you set in the Conversion Event drop-down list on the above ad setting interface, please go back to Step 2 and confirm whether you have performed the operation according to Step 2. If it is confirmed that it has been executed, wait for 2 hours, re-enter the ad group setting interface, and check whether the custom event option appears in the drop-down list.

Set up a custom conversion (optional)

If you have more detailed tracking requirements for conversion events, for example, the conversion amount needs to be greater than 10, then you can create a custom conversion and then set the custom conversion as the conversion event of the ad to achieve this purpose. If you do not have the above requirements, just ignore this step.

1. How to Set Up Custom Conversions in Facebook

1) Go to Facebook Events Manager and click on the “Custom Conversions” option on the left menu

2) Click the "Custom conversion" button to open the custom conversion settings pop-up window

3) Name the custom conversion and add a description of the custom conversion (optional) (here we name the custom conversion as omnitrack-purchase, just as an example)

4) Select your Pixel in the drop-down box of Data Source as the data source for custom conversion

5) In the drop-down option of Event, select your custom purchase event name, here we choose the purchase-1234 option (if you cannot find your custom purchase option, please refer to step2 above, you need to make a test order in your online store)

6) Finally, set rules for your custom transitions based on URL, Referring Domain or Event Parameters

For example: if you need the conversion amount to be greater than 10, select the option Event Parameters and set the value to be greater than 10. This is only for demonstration, and you can actually set it according to your needs.
After completing the above settings, click Create to create a custom conversion.

2. Set custom conversion as conversion event of facebook ad

Once you've set up a custom conversion, you can select it as a conversion event when setting up your ad.

Updated on: 19/10/2023

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